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Leonora CarringtonMythological Figures.


Leonora Carrington
Mythological Figures.


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Psychiatric drugs damage the brain/My story


Self portrait taken 5 years ago when I first went off the drugs

At 13 I was put on SSRIs for severe OCD (possibly caused from being on Ritalin.) After being on SSRIs and not being told of the side effects for 9 years I lost the ability to have a full orgasm or feel deep emotions. Other side effects are, loss of libido, dampened imagination, low blood pressure, loss of energy, inability to feel pleasure physically and mentally (meaning drugs, foods, any kind of stimulation), excessive sweating and oily skin, insomnia, muscle twitches and tremors, and acne. Life has become hard without pleasure and instincts that completely gone, my heart can no longer think... I’ve been off of all medication now for 5 years and side effects all remain.

There are research studies that provide evidence for these drugs changing the brain in development. Why is this not told to parents when prescribed?

Repost this to raise awareness that psychiatric drugs are not safe and can damage the brain. So no child or person has to go through what I have. Because of psychiatry I have lost deep meaning in life. Much peace.

Me and my family when i was I think 12, I’m on the right.

To anyone that cares,

I want to be honest about my life, my art, and everything I’ve been through, I made suicide notes the past week, the truth is I’ve been in and out of mental hospitals this entire summer with several attempts that were half hearted. I have severe brain damage from psychiatric drugs and do not feel I will ever recover. It haunts me deeply since I have always been a perfectionist, and now have lost everything.

My art is silly and magical because I do still feel magic, silliness, I’ve always felt haunted most of my life, sad and happy all at the same time. But I do not feel deeply anymore. When I make art I still roam the back of my imagination which I still slightly see but it isn’t the same. I make art to heal myself from the psychiatric drugs, and to heal anyone else in this world who has been affected by impurities. I truly wanted to change the world but the drugs have left me powerless, my biggest dream is to restore nobility back to power.

At age 13 I went mentally “insane” and started doing rituals that no one could stop me doing. After that I was put on SSRIs at high doses, among other antipsychotics, mood stabilizers I had very intense emotions and a high strung imagination. Unfortunately I lost all of that to the medication and now live in a numb world where I can not connect to anything and have lost my mind.

I got a SPECT scan showing imaging of my brain, providing evidence of damage to my brain from the legal drugs.

The truth is, I can not live my life without emotions, I do not think, I feel, it was a very big loss for me. I had a very high intelligence prior to it, My IQ was 99% in visual skills and 20% in language, which is why I am spacey now and have trouble with regular function, and can no longer connect to people.

I am considering stem cell treatment as a hopeful cure to the brain damage.

I have questions for tumblr: what are peoples thoughts on the developing brain and the years I missed in developing my personality, ego, emotions? Does anyone know anyone else who has gotten stems cells? I am also wondering if anyone knows of a good psychic to make a prediction of what my future holds? I am very worried I will not be able to get my emotions back as it is the essence of who I am. Thanks, and I am sorry for worrying anyone. Posting this old pic of me because it gives me hope of better times.


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Still Life with Nautilus Cup

c. 1645

Gerrit Willemsz Heda

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Utagawa Hiroshige

New Years Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Oji

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The Yellow Girls
Cuno Amiet


The Yellow Girls

Cuno Amiet

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